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concertare - Your Customer-Relationship-Management specialist

For more than 15 years we together with our clients create custom tailored solutions to help them winning and binding customers in a profitable way.

Our core competences are test-based programs which enable the staff to perform with a maximum in professionalism, quality and customer focus during the custom contact. Through this approach the customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, repurchase probability and referral rate are increased systematically.

Driven by a triad of thorough analysis, conceptual design and practice-oriented implementation we already helped a reasonable amount of well-known customers to take the path to customer-oriented excellence.

We think global and act local. Our mystery research based programs and surveys are executed with highest quality standards. The development and implementation of actions consider not only global but also regional and local aspects.

Whatever you are planning in the field of customer relationship management - we are your partner.


In the analysis phase we gather all relevant information with the most efficient and state of the art market research methods.


Concrete recommendations of action derive from the outcomes of the analysis.


If desired we support you with our proven methods to help your organization in terms of optimal customer focus.