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Knowing where you company stands.

Surveying consumers, employees and distribution partners reveals the satisfaction with the service it provides, as well as what is expected of it in the first place. This knowledge is vital in specifying positive steps to improve them.

Ongoing surveys are an invaluable means of recognising changes in customer service. concertare provides a tailor-made optimisation service with profitable results; conducting these surveys demonstrates a real profitable change at reasonable price.


Periodical Customer Surveys

Customer surveys give information about what customers expect and how satisfied they are. concertare carries out these surveys with any desired method (written, by telephone, online, face-to-face) and gives advice about the ideal design for each project. The outcomes provide important information about how companies can better adapt to these requirements and increase the level of satisfaction. Looking at the levels of satisfaction in each organizational unit, individual suggestions arise to increase the satisfaction directly on-site together with the customer. This kind of feedback is useful to promote the quality related development of the organization.



Transaction-related Customer Surveys

This kind of customer survey is directly carried out after a transaction, e.g. a purchase or a sales conversation. Also these surveys can be carried out by any desired method (written, by telephone, online, face-to-face). Information about the performance during a certain transaction or in a defined process can be gathered very efficiently and specific process improvements can be initiated. Customer dissatisfaction is recognized immediately.



Customer Forums

A consumer forum is a selected discussion group of actual or potential consumers regarding the qualitative nature of their service experiences with a particular company. concertare organises such forums. Consumers are supervised by project leaders who are responsible for the analysis of the significant data. In being present it is ensured that all relevant consumer discussion reaches the appropriate ears first hand. Thus the findings can be evaluated to constructing the next step towards optimisation.

Employee Surveys

Without looking after your staff you cannot look after your customers. Therefore it is essential that your workforce is regularly consulted and that the yielded information is actively applied in company development. If employee surveys are to be fruitful this includes data protection issues and utilising the correct channels of communication. concertare offers comprehensive assistence in this area to get the most out of the surveying process. Employee surveys are normally carried out in written form or online.

Partner Surveys

Independent distribution partners are an important part of many organizations. On the one hand they guarantee an extensive supply, on the other hand they transfer the brand values of the company to the customer.

Especially for this target group concertare offers surveys which are adapted to specific industries and distribution channels and are carried out analog to customer and employee surveys.


Patient Surveys

Hospitals and ambulant treatment centers are more often subject to the necessity, to adapt their performance and processes to the needs and satisfaction of their customers. The needs can be identified by patient surveys, which examine all relevant areas (e.g. hospitalization, facilities, services offered  by the hospital, impression, behavior, expertise of the employee, treatment, discharge etc.). The patients’ expectations will be identified as well as their evaluation of defined criteria. Criteria can be evaluated by their importance and priority and the hospital will be able to use this information to implement improvements in a systematical and target-oriented way. concertare developed standardized methods to carry out these surveys, which ensure an efficient and cost-effective execution. In addition costs can be reduced when customers undertake certain tasks. The outcome of the survey is an evaluation, which provides precise recommendations for areas pertinent to action based on statistical data. In combination with benchmark data from other hospitals or flanking surveys target-oriented measures can be initiated. On request concertare supports the development and implementation of the improvement process by consulting and service.



Focus Groups

Small group discussions are followed and moderated by specialists who listen to the opinions generated by particular consumer issues. Focus groups are a means of quickly and efficiently isolating a multitude of questions about the development of a company’s customer relations.